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ESP Foundation is the official IELTS Test Centre in...

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IELTS 3 week preparation courseThe IELTS three week preparation...
IELTS Test Centre ESP Foundation is the official IELTS Test Centre...

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IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

Dear Test Takers, 

Please follow the instructions below in order to get registered for the IELTS Test:
1. Go to website to complete the application form.
2. Upload your documents (Passport or National ID) online in the registration system as you register.
3. Transfer your IELTS test fee of MNT 509,900 to the following bank account. 
BANK NAME: Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia 
ACCOUNT No: 499 084 618 /MNT/
DESCRIPTION: Enter the full reference number and the test taker's name, e.g. MN002-123456-7890 - NOMIN Bold

4. Please send the payment evidence (payment summary slip or screenshot), reference number and test taker's name to within 24 hours.If you fail to make a payment or send the evidence of the payment slip on time, your registration will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours.

5. After your application, payment and ID documents are received and checked by our office we shall send you a confirmation email that contains all details about your test venue and complete instructions regarding your test.
6. If you do not get any confirmation email for some reason, we would kindly ask you to check your SPAM/JUNK folder of your email account. If you then still do not receive anything, please contact us at or via telephone at +976 11 324313.

IELTS UKVI and IELTS Life Skills test

IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

Dear Test Takers,

IELTS UKVI and IELTS Life Skills test will run only twice in a year. The test dates for the 2018 follows:

IELTS for UKVI Academic and General Training

19 May 2018 /Registration is open now/

17 November 2018

IELTS Life Skills A1/B1

19 May 2018 /Registration is open now/

17 November 2018

To register please visit:

IELTS test Registration Date

IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

August 11, 2018 test registration is open.

For more information, please contact IELTS Test Centre at +976 11 321517


Change in IELTS Test fee starting from 01/01/2018

IELTS Test Centre (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia): 

The IELTS test fee will be changed from 1 January 2018 due to the change of the IELTS central fee for 2018.

The IELTS fee: increases from 505,000 tugrugs to 509,900 tugrugs.

The new fee will come into operation from 1 January 2018.

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