On test day:

You will find the IELTS test centre staff friendly, welcoming and highly professional. They will make sure that the test is delivered fairly and securely. Follow their instructions carefully.

Written test

Arrive at the test venue:

  1. Arrive at the test venue by 07:45 am.
  2. Look for your name in the name lists on the notice board. Check your written test room number.
  3. Leave your personal belongings in the designated area.


  1. Wait for Check-in in the waiting area. You will be arranged to check-in between 07:45 am and 08:40 am.
  2. You should have your National Identification Document/Passport ready for check-in. No other personal belongings are allowed in the test room.
  3. Follow the test centre staff's instructions to have your identity document checked, and your finger scan verified. The finger scan procedure uses an electronic scanner which doesn’t contain any ink, liquid or chemical.
  4. Please use the washroom before entering a test room.
  5. The Invigilator will brief you on the check-in process, scan you for any electronic devices, check your identity document, ask you to provide a sample of your signature and tell you your seat number. 
  6. Your identity card will be collected for further checking and will be returned to you before the end of the Writing test.
  7. Find your seat according to the desk label. Be seated and take the time to check your personal information and test arrangement on the desk label.


  • The written test check-in closes by 08:40 am. If you arrive late, you will not be admitted to the test room, will not be allowed to take any of the test components, and will not be eligible for a refund or transfer, and your results of any completed part(s) of the test will be voided.
  • Other than necessary medicine, candidates will not be allowed to bring any personal belongings into the test rooms. All electronic devices, including watches, must be left in the belongings area and must be switched off. You may be electronically scanned for devices at any time during the test. Any candidate who breaches these conditions will not be allowed to complete the test, will not receive an IELTS test result or be eligible for a refund or transfer. Candidates are strongly encouraged not to bring valuable items to the test. While the centre will take all reasonable measures to secure your items in the belongings area, they cannot be held responsible for any loss.

Be prepared for the test:

  1. After check-in, the invigilator will deliver the instructions for the test.
  2. You will be given the Listening and Reading Answer Sheet. Fill in the Answer sheet (Listening and Reading answers on separate sides) by following the invigilator's instructions.
  3. Test your headphones by following the invigilator's instructions. Raise your hand straightaway and let the invigilator know if you cannot hear the recording.
  4. You will be given the Listening question booklet and be asked to write your name and candidate number on the cover.
  5. You will be asked to test your headphones again before the start of the listening test.
  6. You are NOT allowed to open the question booklet until the recording tells you to do so.

During the test:

  1. The test begins at 09:00am and finishes at approximately 12.00pm. Listening: 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for transferring answers to the answer sheet, reading: 60 minutes, writing: 60 minutes.
  2. At the beginning of the listening test, you hear instructions and a sample question. Then you read the questions in section 1, listen to section 1 and answer the questions. The same procedure follows for sections 2, 3 and 4. Please remember that  you will have 10 minutes after the Listening section to fill in your answer sheet. Please keep your headset on during the last 10 minutes and the recording will tell you when to stop. Please stop writing and put your pencil down immediately as instructed.
  3. You will not have 10 minutes after the Reading section to transfer your answers, so please make sure that you write your answers on your Reading answer sheet as you complete each section.
  4. Follow the Writing test instructions carefully. Remember that the Writing parts of the test have specific word length requirements. Some questions have suggested time limits for you to follow.
  5. Every test room will have a clock on the wall and the invigilator will give candidates four time-checks during the Reading and Writing test, which are 20 and 40 minutes after the test starts, and 10 and 5 minutes before the test finishes. Stay aware of the time during the test so that you can complete all the questions.


  • You must comply with IELTS test administration rules throughout the test and  complete the test independently.
  • Tell the Invigilator at once by raising your hand if you think you have not been given the right question paper, of if you are in doubt about what you should do.
  • You are NOT allowed to open the question booklet until you are instructed to do so. Please stop writing and put your pencil down when you are instructed to do so. Candidates who breach the rules may be disqualified.
  • You can only use the toilet during writing sections, not whilst the invigilator is giving instructions, and after obtaining permission from the invigilator. You are not allowed to leave the test room for a toilet break in the final 10 minutes of the test. Before and after using the toilet, you may be requested to undergo an electronic scan by a designated IELTS test day personnel.

After the written part of the test ends:

  1. You must stay seated in your seat. Do not speak.
  2. Leave the test room following the Invigilator's instructions.
  3. Remember to take your identity document.
  4. Remember to collect your personal belongings from the designated area.
  5. If you think that there have been any issues that may have affected your  performance, tell the invigilator straightaway. The invigilator will escalate your issue to the Test Supervisor and you can fill in a Test Day Complaint Form with the Test Supervisor if necessary.

Speaking test

  1. Please arrive at the test centre at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time and register for the speaking test with the centre staff. The speaking test check-in closes 15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time, if you arrive late, you will not be admitted to the test room, will not be allowed to take any of the test components, and will not be eligible for a refund or transfer, and your results of any completed part(s) of the test will be voided.
  2. Leave your personal belongings in the designated area.
  3. Bring your identity document with you during registration. Please wait in the waiting area after being checked in and remain quiet.
  4. Please wait outside quietly until the examiner invites you into the room.
  5. When the examiner tells you to go into the test room, please only bring your identity document with you.
  6. The speaking test lasts between 11 and 14 minutes.
  7. After finishing your speaking test, please take your personal belongings and leave the test venue immediately. Do not talk to anybody about your test, otherwise you might be regarded as breaking the IELTS test rules, which may result in disqualification.
  8. If you think that there have been any issues that may have affected your performance, tell the Test Supervisor straight away. You can fill in a Test Day Complaint Form with the Test Supervisor if necessary.

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