Notes for candidates for IELTS UKVI

We highly recommend you first to check with the institutions which tests they require to take before you register for IELTS UKVI and IELTS Life Skills test

Steps for registration     

For access via

1.    Go to

2.    Candidate will arrive at the IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration page

3.    Click Start your registration

4.    Candidate will arrive at the IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) Registration System page

5.    Select Mongolia from the drop down menu and click Continue

6.    Candidate will arrive at the IELTS for UKVI Welcome Page. Please read the welcome message carefully

7.    Click Start Now to proceed with IELTS for UKVI registration

8.    Make necessary payment via 16-digit Visa or Master credit card or debit card

9.    Candidate will receive the confirmation of IELTS registration email upon completion of registration

10.Candidate will receive an IELTS test cancellation email if payment is not received within 24 hours after registration

Important notes:

1.     Payment method – online payment only (Visa or Master credit card or debit card), please advise candidate to have credit card ready before registration, otherwise the place will be released without successful payment

2.     Registration deadlines:

The Registration will close a week before the test day. Please check the deadline of registration on page 'Test Dates'

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