Policies and Procedures

Registration Procedure

  • IELTS registration will be held in person at ESP Foundation building.
  • Candidates have to bring the original national identification card (Mongolian candidates only) and it's copy or passport (Non-Mongolian candidates) and it's copy. The copy of ID document must be in colour and clear to see. 
  • Candidates are advised that only ORIGINAL national identification card or passport is accepted as the ID Document. Passport must be signed with a minimum validity of 6 months.

Payment Details

Candidates must pay MNT 575,000.00 test fee at one of the following bank accounts and bring the bank receipt at the Test Centre to register for the test. Candidate's full name, phone number and test date data must be printed on the bank payment document.

  • Beneficiary's name: ИЭСПИ Сан (ESP San)
  • Account number: 499084618 - Худалдаа Хөгжлийн Банк (Trade & Development Bank) 

                                 5129048260 - Хаан Банк (Khaan Bank)       

                                 8100000044 - Богд Банк (Bogd Bank)                    

Test fee: MNT 575,000.00


On Test Day

You must bring the passport/national identity card you used on the IELTS Application Form to the test. You will not be allowed to sit the test if you fail to bring your National ID Card or Passport indicated on your application form to the test.

Test Results

Test results will be available 13 days after the test and official results are given on a Test Report Form. Your Test Report Form can be picked up at ESP Foundation. 

Attention: You must bring your National ID card or Passport  which used for the test!

You won’t be eligible to receive your TRF if you are absent for any module of the written/speaking test, or fail to have your photographs taken before the completion of the test.

The candidate will receive only ONE original Test Report Form. This is a very valuable document and it is recommended that you take care in keeping your TRF secure. Replacement TRFs cannot be issued.

Candidates from other countries must pay a courier fee (DHL express fee) in order to have their results sent to their respective addresses. 

NOTE: Test Centres are NOT permitted to give test results over the telephone, via fax or e-mail to the candidate.

Additional Test Report Form (TRF)

Each candidate receives one TRF only. However, up to five copies can be sent to the institutions of your choice at no extra charges provided that the request is made in the IELTS application form during registration. Candidates who require additional copies to be sent internationally must pay for international postage.Thereafter, candidates who require additional copies to be sent to institutions and organisations must complete the “Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs” form.

Download the Application for the Issue of Additional TRFs Form from "downloadable forms"menu

Enquire on Results

Candidates who wish to have their test reassessed may do so by filling an Enquiry on Results (EOR) form within 6 weeks of the test date. The re-marking fee is MNT 250,000.00. Results are usually reported within 2-21 days of receipt of the candidate’s exams materials in the UK. The full fee will be refunded if a result is changed to a higher band score. The candidate will receive an EOR letter stating their final results status.

Download the Enquiry on Results Form from "downloadable forms"menu

Refunds/Cancellation/Test Date Transfer Policy

Candidates who decide to cancel their registration more than two weeks prior to the test date will receive a refund of MNT 450,000.00.

Candidates who decide to cancel their registration within the two-week period prior to the test date will NOT receive any refund.

Candidates may transfer test dates if they notify the test centre more than two weeks prior to the chosen test date. The centre will charge an administrative fee of MNT 125,000.00. Any changes (transfer and cancellation) of test dates are allowed ONCE ONLY.

Candidates who wish to transfer test dates within the two-week period prior to the test date will be treated as a cancellation and receive no refund.

Candidates who are absent on the test day will lose their full test fee.

Candidates who seek to cancel their registration or transfer test dates within the two-week period prior to the test date will only receive a refund of MNT 450,000.00 if they can satisfy to the centre that their ability to sit the test has been affected by illness or serious cause.This transfer or cancellation should be made on condition that a medical certificate is provided no later than five working days after the test. 

Candidates who are not registered for the test may apply for test fee refund. The centre will charge an administrative fee of MNT 10,000.00 if the candidate is applying for the refund at his/her own discretion (This requirement is effective from February 01, 2016).

The refund will be transferred to your original bank account within 5 working days after receiving and approving of the completed Refund Request Form.

Download the Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form from the "downloadable forms"menu

Illness on Test Day

For proven cases of illness, a candidate who falls ill at anytime during the Listening, Reading, or Writing tests should be transferred to a future sitting of the test where they will be required to take all tests.

This transfer will be made free of charge on condition that a medical certificate is provided within five working days of the test. The candidate will not be allowed to carry forward marks from the Listening and/or Reading and/or Writing tests which they may have completed before they became ill.

If the candidate is taken ill during the Speaking test, they may re-take that test provided that this is arranged within the two-week window allowed for the Speaking test (seven days before or after the test date). If this cannot be arranged, the candidate will be transferred to a future sitting of IELTS where they will need to re-take all parts of the test.

Complaints procedure

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the IELTS Test Centre service and the delivery of the test and wish to make a complaint, you must submit your complaint to the Test Supervisor before you leave the centre on the test day. Complaints relating to the delivery of the test will not be accepted after test day.

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